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An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

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Xronia Polla Manoli!

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the day the universe gave a precious gift to all humanity, his invaluable voice which touches our souls whenever we listen to him.

We wish you a happy and enjoyable time of a great life, full of enjoyment and music, and health.

Xronia Polla kai Kala Manoli Lidaki!

New Album: Manolis Lidakis & Stavros Xarchakos - V' Anagnosi (ΜΑΝΩΛΗΣ ΛΙΔΑΚΗΣ & ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ ΞΑΡΧΑΚΟΣ - Β ΑΝΑΓΝΩΣΗ)

The year 2012 leaves with such good news for the admirers of Manolis Lidakis. 

A few days ago, has broadcasted a song from the upcoming new album of Manolis Lidakis, for the first time. It was "Geia sou hara sou Venetia". 

The album, V' Anagnosi has just been released with the label of Universal Music Greece. Our beloved artist sings 12 of the marvellous songs composed by Stavros Xarchakos, In this album, you can hear the rebellious tunes of rebetiko, the romantic melodies of jazz, the broken-hearted laikos and much more... What is more, Lidakis' voice adds more to the meaning of all. There are 2 songs from the soundtrack album of worldwide-famous film Rebetiko whose music belongs to Xarchakos himself. These new interpretations will remind much from the nostalgia to you, to be honest. Personally, I was surprised to find out that To Dihty is in this album, as it was exciting to imagine how nice Lidakis' voice would go with this song, and it's more beautiful than expected. 

There will be much more comment here about the album in the following days. But first, here is the track list: 

  1. Γιατι κυλαει ο καιρος (Giati kylaei o kairos) 
  2. Νυν και αει (Nyn kai aei)
  3. Γυρναν αμιλητα παιδια  (Gyrnan amilita paidia)
  4. Μεγαλη παρασκευη (Megali paraskevi)
  5. Γεια σου χαρα σου βενετια (Geia sou hara sou Venetia)
  6. Το Πρακτορειο (To praktoreio)
  7. Ο μαυρος ηλιος (O mavros ilios)
  8. Κλαψτε ουρανοι κι αστερια (Klapste ouranoi ki asteria)
  9. Με τι καρδια τον κοσμο ν' αρνηθω (Me ti kardia ton kosmo n'arnitho)
10. Το διχτυ ( To dihty)
11. Ασπρη μερα (Aspri mera)
12. Κοκκινη κλωστη δεμενη - Παραμυθι - Παραμυθι (Kokkini klosti demeni - Paramythi Paramythi) 

You can find some sample songs from Youtube. As mentioned, there will be more comments here as I have the CD and listen more. 

Last but not the least, Happy Christmas with full of music and good news.