The Spirit of Cretan Waves: Manolis Lidakis - Μανώλης Λιδάκης

An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

All about him, all from the eye of a little lost wave.

hi! and why?


This is an unofficial blog about the famous artist Manolis Lidakis. I, the person nicknamed as 'marikaki', am only the organizer of what you will see in this page, away from Ellada/Greece, not having any connection to the artist himself. (let's say a good listener of his music, and desperate admirer of his art) Beforehand, I would like to apologize if there occurs any mistake because I also act with -unfortunately- what I can find, and this blog is always open to any correction or addition.

I met one of his piece of music about 5 years ago, and I have been feeling a strong admiration towards the eloquency of his musical ability and the magical beauty of his marvellous voice, since then. Listening more of his, this admiration grew into a great interest of his unique musicality. And I see that his music stands in a special place all among the world music genre, not only in Greek music. So, normally, I started to delve among the entries on the net. Unfortunately, there are not enough English sites to learn about the news of his new albums. Trying to learn Greek language first with the alphabet, and getting the help of (thanks a lot to them) bot translators like Babelfish and Google Translate, it became much easier to follow; even though I am not yet able to use Greek properly. It really gives pain when you hear a wonderful song with his mesmerizing voice and only can understand a word or two. Therefore, a decision of preparing a place on a corner of the web in which people know Manolis Lidakis and the ingenuity in his music to tell of us, came up; so this blog you're reading occurred.

I really don't know whether the news and interviews of him in English language will catch attention beside his music, or whether Manolis Lidakis himself will see this blog; but I really have a wish, that people who like Greek music and who like all the genuinity, sensitivity and spirit hidden inside should hear him sing at least once before death. Music is a mystical power transmitted among the hearts, and Lidakis is one of the best people among all humanity to have this power with the utmost dignity and to shed his light in the name of all humane feelings.

So, you'll be finding the album information, the lyrics and translations if possible, a few interviews of his to be found on the Internet, videos and clips from Youtube, pictures and recent news as much as they are caught, while the time proceeds :) By the way, even though I tried to give all the lyrics with an English translation, because of my little knowledge of Greek, the work what Google Translate or Altavista does is unfortunately not enough to give the exact meaning without spoiling its 'poetic beauty'. So the available translations are few but correct ones. And please bear in mind that I will really appreciate if anyone willingly contacts me to help with this.

I really hope this blog will be useful, at least to me, cause I was doing the same just out of interest before this blog was born. And this is hopefully the answer to the question

Feel and enjoy... the spirit!

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