The Spirit of Cretan Waves: Manolis Lidakis - Μανώλης Λιδάκης

An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

All about him, all from the eye of a little lost wave.

Latest news and happy to see a referance

Dear followers,

According to the latest news I've been following, after a long silence, the new album of our beloved Manolis Lidakis seems to be on the way. We all know that it's been a long time, and we are really impatient to hear him in many more songs. Meanwhile, I also know that many of his fans in Greece go and listen to his amazingly beautiful voice. Trying to find news about this musical novelty, I've been checking the news almost on a daily basis.

While checking for news, I have seen that has referred us as an English source on the art of the great singer. The blogwriter has written a very sincere post about the artist, and I'd like to thank to the writer by sharing the post here.

To read, please visit:
Manolis Lidakis: One of my favorite Greek singers (videos)

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