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a tribute to Vasilis Skoulas

Seems to be the end of summer, but the start of days and nights full of music. Another news of a beautiful concert has just arrived. There will be a honorary tribute concert for Vasilis Skoulas, one of the greatest artists of Crete, on September 23rd, 2012, in Odeio Hrodou Attikou in Athens. In this concert named "Crete, my deep breath", our beloved Manolis Lidakis will be singing the songs of his Crete, along with Mihalis Tzouganakis and Martha Frintzila. Theodoris Papadoulakis and Kostas Fasoulas will also be participating in stage and art directing. The news are taken from the official website of Mihalis Tzouganakis, where it is said that the concert will be with reference to the lyre, the dance, the dirge and the couplets.

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Anonymous said...

An amazing evening under the shadow of Acropolis lived 4500 spectators in the concert of Vasilis Skoulas on Sunday 23 of September.The starting point of the magical trip to Crete, were the war dances.
This was only the beginning of the applause that did not stop for Skoulas, Lidakis , Tzouganakis and Fritzila
Vasilis Skoulas enchanted the audience, which pulsed and broked into applause.The alternation from fast and dynamic pace of Cretan music interpretations to profound sensitivity, demonstrated the interpretive vocal range of the performer who easily and naturally moved in all around the kinds.
Artistic, traditional, rizitiko. The reverence and ritual in every entry of the songs, and when Vasilis Skoulas touched the bow on his lyre the audience kept reverent silence and then broked into applause.
Great moments had also Mihalis Tzouganakis who with deep respect and sensitivity to his teacher Vasilis Skoulas served absolutely the program and penetrated with his rare gift the audience which cheered him. One of the highlights of the show was the duets with Skoulas singing mantinades
Manolis Lidakis in one of his best moments singed epic and lyric interpreted songs from "The words and the lost Years/Ta logia ke ta hronia ta hamena" by Yiannis Markopoulos ,then moved to the "This Month" , "oso varoun ta sidera" & "astra mi me malonete. For sure he vindicated all his fans who waited him on stage. With dynamic presence and a wide range of voice, undoubtedly Lidakis is one of the leading performers of his generation.
Martha Frintzila into the same climate also thrilled the audience.
The sensitivity and virtuosity of the special one lyrist Vasilis Skoulas, the unique presence of the dancers and the findings of Theodore Papadoulakis made the evening special.
This unique artist with modesty and simple means of expression, perfectly harmonized with the space of Herod Atticus Odeon(Irodion), joined the thread of the sanctity from Acropolis & Psiloritis mount rocks giving an excellent performance.
Due to the great success, the concert will be repeated again on Saturday 29 of September at Irodion.