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Manolis Lidakis Discography - 1984 - Kourastika na ipokrinomai (Κουράστηκα να υποκρίνομαι)

Here comes the second album of Manolis Lidakis's musical record career. Still '80s; however, in this album, his style is becoming much similar to what we know when Lidakis comes to mind. In addition, in some of his songs in this album, you can feel the sound of old Rebet songs, which is another beauty of this album(imho). The song giving its name to the album means "I am tired of pretending". Also, Antonis Andrikakis, Antonis Vardis and Haris Vergiou also participated in this album.

The tracklist is as follows:
1. ΝΑ ΜΠΟΡΟΥΣΑ - Na mporousa (Na borusa)
2. ΚΑΝΕ ΕΣΥ ΤΟ ΠΡΩΤΟ ΒΗΜΑ - Kane esu to proto vima
3. ΤΟ ΤΕΛΕΥΤΑΙΟ ΨΕΜΑ - To telefteo psema
4. ΚΙ ΑΝ ΣΕ ΘΥΜΑΜΑΙ - Ki an se thumamai
5. ΠΟΥ ΝΑ ΕΙΣΑΙ - Pou na eisai
6. ΚΟΥΡΑΣΤΗΚΑ ΝΑ ΥΠΟΚΡΙΝΟΜΑΙ - Kourastika na upokrinomai - Music / Lyrics: Antonis Vardis / Antonis Andrikakis
7. ΟΜΩΣ ΕΙΝ ΑΡΓΑ - Tora kleis omos einai arga
8. ΝΑ ΓΙΝΟΤΑΝ ΕΝΑ ΛΑΘΟΣ - Na ginotan ena lathos
9. Μ ΑΠΟΦΕΥΓΕΙΣ - M'apofeugeis
10. ΕΛΑ ΣΗΚΩ ΒΡΕ ΝΑΖΙΑΡΑ - Ela siko vre naziara
11. ΤΑ ΨΕΜΑΤΑ ΕΧΟΥΝ ΤΕΛΕΙΩΣΕΙ - Ta psemata ehoun teleiosei

"Kourastika na ipokrinomai" carried the label of 'Minos Music' & EMI.

And here you can find some of the songs' lyrics, and please bear in mind that there is not a professional translation. And the missing songs will be added as soon as possible :

6) Kourastika na ipokrinomai

Κουράστηκα να υποκρίνομαι
Kourastika na ipokrinomai
I'm tired of pretending

Ψέματα μ’ έχουν φορτώσει
Semata m'ehoun fortosei
Lies I have charged

Με κρίνουνε και με συγκρίνουνε
Me krinoune ke me sigrinoune
They judged and compared me

μα δε μπορεί κανείς να με νιώσει
ma de bori kaneis na me niosi
But no one can sympathise/feel with

Μου μιλούν στραβά και τους πληρώνω ακριβά
mu miloun strava ke tous pliron akriva
They spoke wrong to me and I pay for this dearly

και κάθε κίνηση μου πρέπει να προσέχω
ke kathe kinisi mou prepi na proseho
and I have to be careful with every move of mine

Δεν αντέχω, δεν αντέχω
den andeho, den andeho
I don't bear, I don't tolerate

με το ψέμα δεν μπορώ να προχωρήσω
me to psema den boro na prohoriso
with the lies I cannot advance

Να’ χα δύναμη αλλιώς να σου μιλήσω
na' ka dinami allios na sou miliso
To speak to you with a different force

Κουράστηκα να υποκρίνομαι
kourastika na ipokrinomai
I'm tired of pretending

Δε μπορώ έτσι να ζήσω
de boro etsi na ziso
Thus I can live

Κουράστηκα να υποκρίνομαι
kourastika na ipokrinomai
I'm tired of pretending

Πρόσωπα όλοι αλλάζουν
prosopa oli allazoun
All people are changing

Στο βλέμμα τους όταν αφήνομαι
sto blema tous otan afinomai
In their eyes, when I leave

κάπου αλλού πάντα κοιτάζουν
kapou allou panta kitazoun
they always have a look of elsewhere


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