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Manolis Lidakis in Stin Igeia Mas on 18.10.2008 and in Exei Gousto in 10.11.2008

It has been a long time, I admit. There is a full time record of the show "Stin Ygeia Mas/Στην υγειά μας" with Spiros Papadopoulos playing on ERT channels (NET or ERT World) on Saturday night, one of whose episodes Manolis Lidakis was one of the guests along with Dimitris Mitropanos, Babis Stokas and many other respected singers; to introduce this trio's weekly programme in Kentro Athinon.

What is more, after two weeks, the team had been the guests of Bilio Tsukala in "Exei Gousto/
Εχει Γούστο" in November 10, 2008. That was a series of different and tasty performances. After discoverig that those records are available thanks to Internet, I thought it would be good to see.

The fact is, even though many of those admiring Lidakis' music might have seen pieces from the TV show on YouTube, these videos have the show in their full length. The performances were really elegant and the talks in between are fun to watch. Interesting to watch...
(By the way, I suppose that it would be amazing to see Lidakis on Stin Ygeia Mas or in Exei Gousto with his new album. Just a wish...)

Stin Ygeia Mas Part 1

Stin Ygeia Mas Part 2

Exei Gousto Part 1

Exei Gousto Part 2

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