The Spirit of Cretan Waves: Manolis Lidakis - Μανώλης Λιδάκης

An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

All about him, all from the eye of a little lost wave.

Views from Lidakis’ Concert on September 2nd - Marousi, Athina

An exciting wait for the concert ended and I finally had the chance to listen Manolis Lidakis live. To name it, it was one of the most unbelievable performances of him, as he sang many songs from his new album “Mi mou gkremizeis t’oneiro” and many other from his previous albums. The concert started with the glorious song ‘Halkida’, and even though I didn’t have a good command of Greek language, I was able to sing along with him and the good crowd. There was also Anna Linardou singing a few songs along him. Probably the most exciting part of the concert was the last one, because of the reason both he had marvellous performances in his old songs and he sang songs from the valuable Cretan musician & singer Nikos Xilouris, which was a good surprise to me because both I was not expecting “Ta Xronia Kai Ta Logia Ta Xamena”, and it was awesome to hear the song from his voice. Maybe some day he would make an album as a tribute to Xilouris, which I suppose to be very appreciated. All in all, it was definitely worth to come and see him on stage, maybe one day it would be also possible for us to hear his breathtaking voice on a stage in Istanbul. Now I would like to send my deepest gratitude to Manolis Lidakis himself, for both having the ability to vitalize every feeling on earth within his voice, and turning a night into an unforgettable piece within the life of a little lost wind.

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