The Spirit of Cretan Waves: Manolis Lidakis - Μανώλης Λιδάκης

An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

All about him, all from the eye of a little lost wave.

on today...

his voice is like the pure water, giving life to any kind of emotion that one can find in this gigantic universe. the owner of the immortal beauty, his stories are as long as the paths of the insatiable lifetime, he brings the deepest emotions such as his country's immense oceans to the core of the listener's heart. he... pledges tranquility and melancholy to the souls and he is such a glorious "secret star" that the feelings become mesmerized when his art appears and his light becomes the essence of humans.
if life is a long and difficult way, he is one of the most successful ones to pursue the path only by being himself. when harsh times and losses clash, it becomes impossible to cope with. everyone has choices either right or wrong. but no one has the right to judge a person's act from a limited and selfish point of view. today will be yesterday. nothing is permanent. what people say today will fly away with tomorrow's wind, but the truth, honesty and sincerity will remain forever. and people, either from far away or close, will be carrying their best intentions and sincere love only for his well being. Manoli, you're always the only one illuminating the souls of your listeners. best wishes to see you as you are (because you mean more than anything to me) with happiness and strength.

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