The Spirit of Cretan Waves: Manolis Lidakis - Μανώλης Λιδάκης

An unofficial blog about the famous and marvellous Greek artist Manolis Lidakis. His albums, lyrics of his songs, latest news and his interviews will be here.

All about him, all from the eye of a little lost wave.


long time, long wonders... deep wishes from the heart that he won't be hurt anymore. all the bad thoughts, nightmares will desert him to happiness and tranquility of being alive and living a life intertwined with the magic of life:music. as he definitely finds the meaning of life in. may all the agony of the fate be far far away from his true way. and i should state that it is a great pity to sit down and only have to wish, without doing anything worth for him, without knowing whether it will work or not.
there are people whose life Manolis has touched with all the intimate feelings of the world. their love is always with you, Manoli. and we're going on wishing the best from our hearts.

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